Jeff Lyon – Writer, Director, Producer

Jeff realized his passion for filmmaking the moment he held a Bolex 16mm spring-wound camera in his hands.  He is co-owner of Golden Tooth Productions.

His films have appeared in several festivals, including the Rhode Island International Film Festival, and Undershorts in Chicago.  He was co-producer and Director of Photography on the House That Jack Built, which screened on the 2009 Halloween Episode of Director’s Cut on PBS and in the 2010 Phoenix Comicon Film Festival.

Jeff’s fiction has been published in The Best Underground Fiction: Volume One, next to writers such as Irvine Welsh (Trainspotting), and Elizabeth Crane (All This Heavenly Glory).

Georgia Lyon – Producer, Editor

Georgia  is co-owner of Golden Tooth Productions.  She has a diverse career in theatre and film. In 2006 she produced and edited The Sound From Beyond, a short existential horror film. In 2008 she co-produced the fantasy The House That Jack Built.

Recently, her documentary, Growing in Knowing: the Gateway to Midvale Gardens was screened at the 2010 Wisconsin Film Festival.  The film documents the collaboration between scrap metal artist Erika Koivunen and the students from Midvale Elementary.

Georgia also teaches improv to youth and is a graduate of the Radio/TV/Film program at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh

Craig Krason Jr. – Director of Photography

Craig enjoys power lifting, needlepoint, hates to write bios and clearly doesn’t realize he is sitting in a patch of wild parsnip.

William J. Meyer – VFX

William has been making short films ever since the 80′s, when he and his younger brother ran through a Wisconsin forest toting a gargantuan VHS camcorder.

He first fell in love with cinéma when a montage of clips from the films of Akira Kurosawa aired on the Academy Awards.

William maintains the Robotika Applied Media Lab as a creative outlet.

Dan Brezgel – Associate Producer

Dan enjoys drunken long distance running.

Hutch Rowe – Associate Producer

Hutch enjoys eating BBQ flavored tofu nuggets while watching psychedelic go-go dancing.

Micah Dean – Sound

Micah likes to record sounds and listen to sounds.

Matt Gingrich – Music Licensing

Races tricked out Japanese cars with American cigarettes hanging from his lip.

Perry Haugan – Crew

In addition to grip, electric, boom, camera operation, focus pulling, set decoration and location managing Perry is also a master griller.

Kendra Gassner – Makeup Design

And damn fine at it.

Khloe Sweeney – Hair Design

Also damn fine at it.

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