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Looping with Floyd and Cherry, 02-23-2013

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Steve 02








Morgan, Jeff 02












Unless we forgot something, or really messed up, we wrapped up LOOPING with two leads yesterday.  Best chunk of ridiculous conversion:  “I think the what the fuck and the fuck can be there but we don’t need the last fuck.”  Thank you Steve Golla and Morgan Boland for bringing your A-game to the studio, and thank you Brian Liston for your audio genius.

Joan Boudro as Middle Aged Woman

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Middle Aged Woman

ADR (looping…. looping! It’s looping!) with Sis and The Mayor, 02-09-2013

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Stacey and Charlie 02-09-2013        









I try to get used to calling it looping.  It’s just not sticking and I don’t know why.  Looping is what happens!  ADR has the word automatic in it and there is not a damn thing automatic about it!  The line loops over and over and over and it’s performed by the actor / actress until is it nailed– synced and truthful.  My favorite loop of last night was a puke loop– at the tail end of a line, it cuts to someone puking.  And we got to watch it.  Over and over and over– what silly fun!  Thank you Charles Ramsey, Stacey Weber and Brian Liston.