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“Lady—you can’t take it all!” – more yummy ADR, 06-30-2012

Posted in Post-production on July 1, 2012 by gtpmsm

Another great Main Street Meats ADR session with Charles Ramsey, Christopher Elst, Marcee Doherty and Jeanne Leep.  Of course there were the obligatory odd combinations of swear words used in everyday speech, but what did we learn?  We learned what “Toy Boating It” means.  You say a word or phrase enough times in a row it starts to lose it’s meaning.  Now say “Toy Boat” six times in row.  I totally got hung up on the word “Stringy.”  Too much “E” not enough “Y.”  Get it?  I’d rather toy boat it a bit than fuck the dog I guess…