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One foot in the gutter, one fist in the air, and an eye always on the horizon…

Posted in Post-production, Pre-production, Production on June 25, 2012 by gtpmsm
I printed this out and taped it to a little notebook. Because that is where it all begins, in a notebook. Ideas come at the strangest times, and you can’t lose any of them. If you keep them in your head, they just stay there. The notebook evolves, grows, changes, and finally becomes something that can be hammered into a story. Bigger. Darker. Bloodier. Those are the three words I’ll live by with on this. If the first one was trying to build something, this one will tear the motherfucker down. Art imitates life, no? We are going to need a budget.

Hard to believe…

Posted in Production on June 18, 2012 by gtpmsm

Hard to believe Craig the DP rode on the hood for this shot.  Hard to believe the cop didn’t see him jump off after they were pulled over.  Hard to believe we were able to round up that tow truck the morning of the shoot and have them drive… 80 miles to set.  Hard to believe that Craig and I were the only ones who got the wild parsnip burn from the ditch we were in all day.  Hard to believe that was our first full day of shooting.

Need a drink?

Posted in Post-production on June 13, 2012 by gtpmsm

Anyone who has ever put together a film of any kind knows there’s a crapton of work that happens on the back end.  The goal with Main Street Meats is that much of that work won’t even be noticed.  There will be VFX and computer graphic type… work, but if the viewer doesn’t suspect anything has been “altered” then the effect is doing its intended job.  To call out an example, here is the before and after of one of the (many) MSM locations…

Marcee Doherty as Meat Customer #3

Posted in Post-production, Pre-production, Production on June 5, 2012 by gtpmsm