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Ruminations… 7-24-2011

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We shot an additional flashback scene with Young Floyd, played by Grayson Goss.

“Let’s go eat some meat!” The Meat Festival, 7-17-2011

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Polka music, muscle cars, projectile sausage, vomit on severed body parts… does it get any better than that?  A great day of shooting out at Lake Ripley Park with Charlie Ramsey as the Mayor, Steve Golla as Floyd, Linda Cieslik as sexy Betty, Dianne Bischoff as the Cheerleader’s Mother, Rex Sikes as Middle Aged Man and Joan Boudro as the Middle Aged Woman.  And a very special thanks to all of the extras, muscle car owners and crew who braved the heat and came out for the project.  You were all awesome!

Bring your appetite and sick sense of humor… EXTRAS NEEDED for the MEAT FESTIVAL, Sunday July 17th

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THE MEAT FESTIVAL is happening Sunday July 17th!
No cover charge, free swimming, free family style bbq, and a credit in the feature film, MAIN STREET MEATS!

CALL TIME: 10:00 AM  (for extras)
END TIME: approximately 6:00 PM

Participating as an EXTRA in a film shoot for the film MAIN STREET MEATS. This is a festival scene where you’ll be asked to do what small town festival folks normally do; eat meat, listen to a live polka band, and have a good time.  And there may be a little bit extra for a few brave souls…

There is free parking, free swimming, and a free BBQ!

Contempory wardrobe. NO LOGOS or identifying labels


phone – 608-957-9474

The shoot will be rescheduled in the event of rain.

Milestones – 07-02-11

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We finished principle photography with our lead in Main Street Meats, Cherry played by Morgan Boland.  Morgan agreed to be on this project without really knowing what she was getting in to.  But she jumped in with both feet and never looked back.  Thank you Morgan for sticking with it through the long grueling haul of a no budget feature film production.  It sure has been a wild ride.  Also, thanks to Jeanine Holtzman for the use of the Cooksville General Store.  What a sweet location!