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“Is this meat fresh?” Meat Shop Scenes – 01-30-2011

Posted in Production on January 31, 2011 by gtpmsm

You better believe it’s fresh.  Great shoot at the meat shop yesterday… I believe we set a record for shooting the most amount of footage in one day. (if such thing can be said for filmless, tapeless image acquisition…)  Steve Golla as Floyd, Stacey Rowe as Sis, Don Markus as Neddy, Morgan Boland as Cherry, Andy Osborne as the Cop, and Kenny Fayas as Tommy.

And thanks to Don Markus for teaching us a new game involving imaginary swords and loud grunting sounds…

“You don’t sell meat, you sell shit!” Mrs. Butterfield Scenes – 1-16-2011

Posted in Production on January 24, 2011 by gtpmsm

Oh, Mrs. Butterfield, what’s wrong?  Don’t you like the meat?  We shot the Mrs. Butterfield scenes in the meat shop.  Susan Bibby as Mrs. Butterfield and Don Markus as Neddy.   We also had a guest photographer taking production stills.   Special thanks to Carilyn Krason for hanging around a meat shop all day and taking photos.  Based out of northern IL, she can be reached at for your photography needs.

Main Street Meats page at IndieGoGo

Posted in Post-production on January 23, 2011 by gtpmsm

Help fund our production and post-production costs through IndieGoGo. Each contribution to the film will receive a prop used during filming.  When we lock picture, your prop will be sent to you.  All contributors will be listed in the credits, if desired.

Raw Screen Grabs

Posted in Post-production, Production on January 2, 2011 by gtpmsm

Here are a few raw screen grabs…