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All About the Hashers! Diner revisited – 11-20-2010

Posted in Production on November 21, 2010 by gtpmsm


We finished shooting the Diner scenes.  Thanks again to Kris Austin and Michael Matheson for letting us use the Fair Oaks Diner in Madison, WI.  Steve Golla as Floyd, Linda Cieslik as Betty, Andy Schatner as Diner Guy, Errol McLendon as the hungry Mr. Butterfield.  Finally used the tripod dolly– we have hauled a 4×8 sheet of MDF to over a half dozen locations, and it came out of the van for the first time on Saturday. 

Betty’s World Famous Hasher recipe:

cut potatoes, onions into small pieces
heat oil to medium high
fry potatoes                                                                                                                          sprinkle cheese on top                                                                                                    shovel ’em in!

“Trust me.” Laundromat Scene – 11-6-2010

Posted in Production on November 10, 2010 by gtpmsm

Trust me says Tommy.  Well, why should we trust him?  Morgan Boland as Cherry, Kenny Fayas as Tommy.   Thanks to Greg Curless for the use of the McFarland Laundromat.  Do not overload the machines man… do not overload the machines!