“Love you Betty!” Diner Scenes – 10-23-2010

We shot two of the scenes that take place at Betty’s Diner, home of the world famous hashers.  Thanks to Kris Austin and Michael Matheson for letting us use the Fair Oaks Diner in Madison, WI.  Linda Cieslik as Betty, Andy Schatner as Diner Guy, Morgan Boland as Cherry, Stacey Rowe as Sis and Khloe Sweeney on hair and make-up.

“I dont smoke.  I only smoke in the movies…..”
-Linda Cieslik
And smoke she did– Linda  ploughed through a full pack of Pall Mall in about 6 hours for the role of Betty.

2 Responses to ““Love you Betty!” Diner Scenes – 10-23-2010”

  1. If you don’t try the hashers, you ain’t leavin’ Main Street. : )

  2. couoougugugh….. haaaack….
    cant miss it … its called Main Street Meats

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